January 22, 2019

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As we enter 2019, we prepare to finish out 2018 by filing our federal and state tax returns. The massive federal tax overhaul in late 2017 will affect your 2018  and future federal tax returns. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was the most broad federal tax law change since 1986. The intention of the law was to reduce taxes, grow the economy and simplify the federal tax system. The results of that intention will not be fully realized or proven until all of the statutes and regulations are written and court case decisions start complicating the current simplified instructions. For now, we go forward with what we know. One thing we do know is, refunds will still be issued by the IRS even if the government is shut down. The other fact is tax e-filing starts on January 29th.

For my Minnesota clients, you will probably continue to itemize your deductions for your state tax return. The Minnesota Legislature passed a companion bill that would have followed the federal tax form changes. However, Governor Dayton vetoed that bill so we have a tax return that follows the old forms which requires additional tax computations.

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