Taxpayer Worksheets and Organizers

Forms are fillable but do not save correctly as a pdf. Therefore, they must be printed instead of saving. If uploading to your client account, they will need to be scanned or faxed after printing.

*******For taxpayers with dependents, please complete the dependent worksheet and take note of the message by that worksheet*******

ALL TAXPAYERS must complete and sign:

HIGHLY RECOMMEND and must be signed if you want to discuss anything that would deal with taxes and finances or before I can make any recommendations of any kind:

  •  Consent to Use

  • Consent to Disclose - bottom signature(s) only necessary for sharing information with Northtown Capital Strategies, another financial advisor, bank or mortgage company. Choose one or both pages to print.


  • Dependent Worksheet - for taxpayers with children or other dependents. Because of the amount of fraud, I am required to complete an 8867 if you are claiming dependents. This was a requirement for taxpayers claiming Earned Income Tax Credit for a few years but now it is required for claiming the $1,000 child tax credit. The 8867 form requires that I have documentation that your child(ren) reside with you. Please send documention that shows the child's address as your address. Acceptable options are: medical records, report cards or school records, daycare records, place of worship statement, a piece of mail with child's name and address. I apologize for this and it has made my job much more cumbersome.

  • Itemized Deductions - even if you don't think you will itemize, charitable donations may be used so feel free to complete this worksheet

  • Business Owners - for all small business owners 

  • Farmers - for all farmers 

  • Rental & Royalty Income - for owners of rental property. Complete a separate sheet for each property.

  • Depreciation - for assets used in a business, farm or rental

  • Mileage & Trucker Sheet - for business, farm, rental, medical and charitable miles